The Last Jedi

> I'm not going to lie, The Last Jedi was an absolute fucking dumpster fire of a movie, both from a basic storytelling sense and as a Star Wars movie. Whether it's the shit ''character arcs'', the nonsensical plot, or even the cinematography, this is the page for collecting stuff about it.

“That’s the hard part. You don’t want to admit how possessive you’ve become. There are times where you go, ‘Really? That’s what they think of Luke? I’m not only in disagreement – I’m insulted.’” - Mark Hamill about The Last Jedi

rey, confiding in finn after the events of tlj: i saw kylo in his private chambers and i just….i realized. that i want that.

finn, trying to choke down his disgust: you want…you want kylo ren?

rey: oh my god NO. no finn. i want to be swole as hell. i want to be absurdly huge, and ripped.

Top 10 Screenwriting Problems in TLJ

  1. Everything the characters do is because the writer said so and therefor purely manufactured for the plots purpose. Characters have no agency of their own and will do whatever to keep the plot running (like Hux not swarming the resistance fleet with TIEs even though he could have done so a million times, because that would have ended the movie in an instant, DJ staying in the prison cell even though he can just leave? so he can meet Finn and Rose).
  2. Multiple themes and messages that contradict themselves. It just shows that the writer has no clue what his story is actually about. (For example Rose’s line “Saving what we love etc.” minutes after Holdo sacrificed herself or “let the past die” even though the entire movie is about Luke and Ren, the last Skywalkers, Poe understanding that suicide missions are wrong when the only thing that could save them is a suicide mission).
  3. Characters knowing information that they couldn’t possible have known. This goes hand in hand with my number 1 (Dj knowing about the shuttles, when not even Rose and Finn knew about it, Holdo staying behind on the Raddus even though there is no reason for her other than later slamming the ship into the Supremacy, Rose saving Finn minutes before Luke shows up so they can escape, otherwise Rose would have doomed the resistance).
  4. Characters act against their military rank to again, make the plot possible (Leia not calling her fleet back if she thinks Poe’s plan is wrong, Holdo not telling her plan, Hux not attacking the Resistance fleet, Poe getting a promotion??? for starting a mutiny)
  5. If characters can be removed from the plot and the plot doesn’t stop, these characters should be removed. A script should be tight as possible, no fat. So when someone can fan edit your film down to 45 minutes and it still makes sense, you fucked up big time.
  6. Literally stealing entire scenes plus dialogue from the OT. For a movie praised for it’s originality, it sure as hell copied a lot of things. What makes it even worse is that Rian didn’t understand what made these scenes so iconic in the first place and probably just picked them because they “look cool”.
  7. Shuffling character roles around. Making Finn a secondary character, Poe an antagonist, Ren a protagonist and Rey a supporting character.
  8. The characters very rarely speak about how they feel or reflect upon their actions. The only exception to this is Ren (Poe never grieved for his fallen Pilots, Leia nor Luke never grieved for Han, Rose forgets about her sister after 5 minutes, at the end it is barely acknowledged that Luke is dead).
  9. Jokes that ruin every serious or sincere moment. It’s so forced and predictable, I can count the beats. There is a difference between gallows humor (”who talks first? I talk first?”) and opening your movie with a joke (”holding for general hugs”).
  10. The constant fighting between characters. Yes letting characters clash is a way to create conflict. But there are other ways to create conflict. And Rian did it in such a cheap way too. He cheated himself out of actually writing anything interesting.
  11. Honorable mention: Introducing characters just to kill them off again is a trope I wish dies a horrible death (Holdo, Snoke, Phasma, Luke). And the pacing of the movie is just horrible, too.

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