Power Rangers

Reba (the country singer) Repulsa
Mighty Morphin'
Lost Galaxy
Wild Force
Dino Thunder
Lightspeed Rescue
Mistyc Force, Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm
and Samurai
They're all here!
Power Rangers: Super Megaforce // Legendary War
Lo Pan, Superman, every single Power Ranger
They’re on their way to beat up Chuck Norris and his cowboy ass just like Lemon Demon predicted


kimberly: [sleep-over voice] are you awake
jason: [sleep-over reply voice] yeah
trini: [regrettable sleep-over invitee voice] you guys shh
zack: [confused sleep-over voice] what is the meaning of life
trini, again: [annoyed sleep-over voice] dude shut up
billy: [sleep-over host voice] you guys be quiet my moms gonna hear us
rita: [unknown sleep-over voice] you kids wanna buy some doughnuts

Thoughts on the 2017 movie:

Billy’s autism is really well written, and you can notice his stims if you pay attention, I love him a lot.
Trimberly OTP 4 LYFE
but seriously they’re so gay
(maybe an ot3 with Jason?)
The suit designs are super cool and I LOVE Rita’s costumes, especially the first one. I’d wear that anyday.
Overall, this is a great adaptation that manages to keep the enthusiasm and camp of the original series but also makes for a more in-depth story. I sorta wish Trini and Zach got more screentime but I bet they will in the sequels.
Also, Rita’s death was just like Kars’ from Battle Tendency which is awesome. I wonder if that was intentional?

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