Power Rangers

Power Rangers: Super Megaforce // Legendary War
Lo Pan, Superman, every single Power Ranger
They’re on their way to beat up Chuck Norris and his cowboy ass just like Lemon Demon predicted


Thoughts on the 2017 movie:

Billy’s autism is really well written, and you can notice his stims if you pay attention, I love him a lot.
Trimberly OTP 4 LYFE
but seriously they’re so gay
(maybe an ot3 with Jason?)
The suit designs are super cool and I LOVE Rita’s costumes, especially the first one. I’d wear that anyday.
Overall, this is a great adaptation that manages to keep the enthusiasm and camp of the original series but also makes for a more indepth story. I sorta wish Trini and Zach got more screentime but I bet they will in the sequels.
Also, Rita’s death was just like Kars’ from Battle Tendency which is awesome. I wonder if that was intentional.

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