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>Hi! Call me Ellen Andrew. I’m generally described as a hella smart queer dude. I am asexual, demi-romantic, and genderqueer.1 My pronouns are ze/zer2, they/them3 or xe/xem.4 I'm also autistic5 I made this site to collect things, especially fandom meta and other miscellanea that I like. (And yes, the aesthetic of the site is on purpose. I wanted to invoke the look of a late nineties Geocities fan site.) It's currently under construction, see my To-Do list for upcoming pages. You can also find me on my much more active blog I also have accounts on ff.net, AO3, and TvTropes.
Want to talk to me? I speak English and French, and can be reached at earhart415@gmail.com. Please allow up to one week for a reply.


To my father, thank you.
To my mother, farewell.
And to all the children...

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To be really specific, I'd describe my gender as aporagender and my romantic attraction as queer, akoiromantic, and demiromantic. Maybe. Romantic attraction is hard, guys.
Ze dressed zerself this morning. That's zer book, it belongs to zer and is all zers.
They dressed themself this morning. That's their book, it belongs to them and is all theirs.
Xe dressed xemself this morning. That's xyr book, it belongs to xem and is all xyrs. The 'x' is pronounced like a 'z'.
I haven't been officially diagnosed for a variety of reasons, but I have good reason to self-diagnose.