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                 Hi! Call me Grissom1. I’m generally described as a hella smart queer dude. I am asexual, demi-romantic, and genderqueer.2 My pronouns are
xe/xemXe dressed xemself this morning. That's xyr book, it belongs to xem and is all xyrs. The 'x' is pronounced like a 'z'.
they/themThey dressed themself this morning. That's their book, it belongs to them and is all theirs.
, or
ze/zerZe dressed zerself this morning. That's zer book, it belongs to zer and is all zers.
. I'm also autistic3. I made this site to collect things, especially fandom meta and other miscellanea that I like. (And yes, the aesthetic of the site is on purpose. I wanted to invoke the look of a late nineties Geocities fan site.) It's currently under construction- see my To-Do list for upcoming pages. You can also find me on my much more active blog. I also have accounts on ff.net, AO3, and TvTropes.
Want to talk to me? I speak English and French, and can be reached at
. Please allow up to one week for a reply.

My other projects:

Kurosagi Scanlation Service Pokemon Wilds JoJo's Bizarre Anarcho-Communism
I clean Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service and a few other manga for the scanlators. A Gen 2-styled open world Pokemon fangame that I've made sprites for. A JJBA-themed anarchist zine I made.

A UFO abducting a cow This user wants to be abducted by aliens.
A small tent This user loves camping.
A symbol for a nonbinary gender This user uses neutral pronouns.
Youngster Joey This user likes shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!
The famous (hoax) picture of Bigfoot This user is probably a cryptid.

To my father, thank you.
To my mother, farewell.
And to all the children...

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