The Internet Archive: Seriously one of the most useful websites out there. Has both the Wayback Machine and a huge, totally free library of media, including literally millions of books available to download or borrow.
Wikipedia: Seems pretty obvious, but gives you the world's knowledge at your fingertips, all for free.
Long-time nuclear waste warning messages
List of individual dogs
Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?
List of unsolved deaths
Numbers station
Lists of people who disappeared
Demon core
List of unusual deaths

Amusement park accidents
'From Hell' letter
List of unidentified murder victims
Yosemite Sam (shortwave)
List of solved missing persons cases
List of unsolved murders
School bus yellow

TV Tropes: Waste an afternoon and ruin your life.
The Anarchist Library: Collection of anarchist works and thought, all available for free and simple download.
spooky-ghostwriter's Stand Stats Maker: Make your own stand stats!
Wide-band WebSDR: Listen to radio transmissions online. I recommend starting with 4625 kHz.
Petalica PaintsChainer: Really interesting site that uses AI to color your line art. Good for interesting watercolor style.
The Charley Project: Database of missing persons cases from the early 1900s to today.
RationalWiki: Online wiki on pseudoscience and right wing extremism.
Library Genesis: Huge online database of books, papers, magazines, comics, and other texts. If this URL doesn't work, try one of their alternates.
Video Toolbox: Useful and fast online video editing site that's especially good for quick cuts and conversions.
Friendship Ended Generator: Make your own "Friendship ended with" pic!
The Cutting Room Floor: Online wiki of all the weird finds and beta editions in video games.
Pac-Man Google Doodle: Fun fact, within a week of this doodle people wasted almost 5 million hours playing this at work.
The Super Simple Userbox Maker: Make simple userboxes. Available both for wikis that use Wikipedia-style markups and in HTML- it's what I used on my about me page.
reddit: Interesting forum-like site made up of millions of different sub-communities.
Rare lobsters
Unresolved Mysteries
Insane People of Facebook
Pictures of terrible taxidermy
Chairs Underwater
Not The Onion
Crappy Design
Recycled Retail Buildings
Evil buildings
Grateful Doe
crazy buildings that are one of a kind

FFnet Downloader: My go-to way to download fic.
Boil the Frog: Make a spotify playlist from almost any artist to another. Has some issues with non-English names.
The 108 Defilements of Buddhism: The 108 sins of Buddhism, if you ever wonder why that number seems to show up in anime a lot.
Rare Historical Photos: Cool old pictures with the stories behind them.

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