> JoJolion is by far my favorite JoJo part. I love the characters, art, and story so much.

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This Is A Story About Breaking A 'Curse'

what is happiness?
I love how part 8 has this recurring theme of 'what is happiness?'. It almost reminds me of episode 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion

the rumor come out: does gappy is autism?


I really love this panel for some reason. It feels like Adam and Eve in Genesis, or like a new beginning.

I love that the back-story to JoJolion is a series of unspeakable tragedies but then our protagonist is a gap-toothed weirdo in an ill-fitting sailor suit who sleeps under his mattress, wagers on beetle fights, and sings songs about french fries.

That’s the way… of the “image of HAPPINESS”…



Poor Jo2uke. Not only is Holly his birth mother via Kira, but she’s his pseudo mother/savior by way of Josefumi. She’s the reason he exists, through what she did for the both of them. And he can’t even remember who she is. Does he remember the scene with Holly holding Josefumi? Is that scene visible to him? Or is it just there as a reminder to the readers that Holly once saved Josefumi’s life, so now he feels the need to save hers?
It’s also interesting that we get that scene, but not one with her and Kira. Maybe it’s because we the readers haven’t really seen a kid scene with Holly and Kira other than that hospital thing involving Josefumi. But I still think that’s big. Kira has been mostly reserved in his love for Holly. When Holly forgot who he was and started talking to Josefumi, Kira just shut up and moved her. Josefumi was the one sobbing for her as he was dying. And here, when Jo2uke thinks of his mother, he doesn’t think of her with a flashback belonging to Kira. He thinks of her as his mother with a memory belonging to Josefumi.
He goes on to emphasize how important it is that he saves Holly. How much he needs his memories not just for his own sake, but for hers. With his last line in starting to think he’s going to at least try to perform some sort of equivalent exchange with Holly and possibly himself. Her problem is that she is missing pieces of her body. If Jo2uke could exhange her missing pieces with existing pieces, then she’d be saved, right? At least, theoretically.


Yasuho is such a good character and so good at dealing with Gappy like: find a dude naked half underground?? Don’t freak out and run away all anime like INSTEAD she’s cautious and calls the police and gets pictures.
Gappy doesn't listen and eats those dango the wrong way twice like an idiot? She could’ve gotten mad or called him stupid or w/e but it’s so funny, she knows it’s so funny.
He gives a huge emotional speech and immediately pops a boner after hugging her?? Tell him to let go and then just brush it off because yeah gross but he actually doesn’t understand that it’s inappropriate so there’s no use calling him a pervert and hitting him. He looks at her boobs and has no fuckin clue what they are and asks about them?? Again she could’ve KYAAAA YOU PERVERT but she just dude how can you measure my boobs just by looking at them what
All within the first 2 chapters too like it seems like minor stuff but?? With all the cute anime moe girls that are written as easily offended and tbh kinda stupid for comedy and fanservice it’s just so refreshing having a cute girl act realistic and intelligent even though she’s not the protagonist.

maybe the best dialogue that has come out of Jojo in a while. As wacky as Part 8 is, the talking is really fantastic, it has this weird way of sounding human while bizarre at the same time.
I've been thinking about Yasuho and Josefumi for like a week and every time I do I start tearing up because I just love them so much, and maybe this is obvious and doesn’t need to be pointed out, but I'm gonna do it anyway because I just adore the way Araki writes fate and destiny so much...
Josefumi and Yasuho are extremely similar to each other and don’t even really realize it! This is because Josuke has no memories, but a part of him still IS Josefumi. Yasuho is drawn to Josuke, and Tsurugi states he believes this is because she is projecting her own feelings of not knowing who she is onto him. While I do think this is true to an extent, there's something else going on that none of them are aware of yet...
Stand users are drawn to each other, right? They’re fated to run into each other. People are the same way regardless of having a stand or not- they are drawn to people who are similar to them in multiple ways: in upbringing, in emotions, in lessons they’ve learned, or goals they want to reach. This is super apparent with Yasuho and Josuke and they both don’t even realize it yet because of Josuke’s memory loss. This is why Yasuho is so drawn to Josuke at first and probably why she directly helped pull him out of the dirt in the first place, albeit subconsciously
For both Yasuho and Josefumi, their parents were divorced and they were both raised by really shitty moms. They both also had traumatic near-death experiences as children (Yasuho was 13, so yeah she was a baby too) that really affected them.

(Check this parallel out, they are both surrounded by water when these traumatic events unfold)
Because of this, they were both hospitalized. Josefumi and Yasuho were both rescued by Holly, and saved by Kira during these hospital visits, and subsequently their fates both became intertwined with the mystery of the rokakaka because of this as well as with each other.

(And yes, Kira saved Yasuho back then, he stomped the rock animal to death and saved her from any other future torment the creature had planned for her.) Because of their traumatic experiences and the no doubt shitty childhood they both had, they both have these constant lingering thoughts that they don’t know who they are, and they don’t believe in themselves.

Josefumi even believes he died a long time ago...
“Even I don’t know who I am!”
Both of these two are swallowed in this depression; they are lost and unaware of their true selves. These emotions, these events, and the way they’ve been brought up connect Josefumi and Yasuho. They can understand each other more easily because of these things, and these fates tie them together. However, when they meet, they don’t realize any of that stuff because when they meet Josefumi only exists through Josuke!
I would even go as far as to say Josuke (and in a way Josefumi) and Yasuho are soulmates, because a soulmate is someone connected to you through fate to help you grow as a person, and I think it’s obvious Yasuho has grown so much by being with Josuke! Yasuho helps Josuke unravel the mystery surrounding who he is, and at the same time she is learning about herself as well. She is more confident when Josuke is around, she’s happier and sillier and all around more her true self when he is with her. Josuke, obviously, is having to literally put together puzzle pieces to find his own lost identity, but he certainly feels as though Yasuho saved him as well (once again, very literally!)
Yasuho even realizes this and admits it, saying “I may have pulled him out of the dirt, but the one being pulled up was me!” She believes Josuke saved her, from her sadness and her anxiety. Through the experiences they’ve both been through because they’ve met one another, she has grown more confidant and sure of herself. She finds things she loves and has a purpose, because of Josuke! And he knows Yasuho saved him as well, and is still helping to save him! They are each other’s heroes! That's what being soulmates is all about ❤
Along with their backgrounds being very similar, they also have eventually reached the same goal. Josefumi wants to save Holly, and this feeling (as well as Kira’s own desire to save his mother) is so strong it carries over to Josuke even though he might not know 100% why.

I just love them so much... Araki is really good at writing these sorts of things to feel really human and realistic, I love it!

I love Norisuke so much for this- letting Josuke know that he isn't completely alone in the world, that he is thought about. Even though Norisuke is also worrying about Tsurugi and the family curse, he realizes that Josuke needs somebody to care about him and extends that hand towards him.

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