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> I... I just love JoJo's Bizarre Adventure so much (as you can probably tell from the background). It's an epic story, with gorgeous art and amazing characters.

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JoJo Parts, Ranked

  1. JoJolion: Okay, this was an easy choice. The story-telling is fast and tight, and these are probably some of the best written and most interesting characters of the series. While Steel Ball Run is generally held to be the best written part, I'm certain that JoJolion will surpass it by the time it's over. I especially love Jo2uke and Yasuho, but I can get into almost every character, and I’m invested enough that it’s gonna hurt when the side characters die. The art is beautiful, with amazing composition and stand battles. Definitely my top choice each time, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Edit: 10/28/22 Having finished this it's still my favorite part; I'm love it???
  2. Diamond is Unbreakable: I love this part a lot. It reminded me a bit of both CSI and The Lovely Bones. Reimi’s speech on justice really resonated with me, and the ending had amazing animation. Shigechi’s death made me cry a little, even. I didn’t think I’d like it, because it does have some slice-of-life stuff (which the only one I’ve found that I like is Yotsuba&!), but this is definitely a great part that only gets better each time I see it.
  3. Vento Aureo: I liked this a surprising amount! I didn't expect to like it, from its general reception in the English speaking fandom. But the anime was fucking amazing and by the time of the anime finale I found that I loved it even more than Stone Ocean or Phantom Blood.
  4. Stone Ocean: Really fun part. Great art and creative battles; and I really love Jolyne and Hermes. Araki did a great job capturing the wildlife and culture of the US. The ending made me cry a lot, even though it's meant to be bittersweet.
  5. Phantom Blood: Okay, so I know a lot of people don’t like this part because it’s relatively simple. But let me tell you, I fucking love everyone (except Dio) in this part, especially Speedwagon. Jonathan’s backstory also really got to me, because I was bullied, gaslighted, and alone for a long time when I was younger. The art isn’t the best, either, but I do like some parts of it. This part is especially nice as a comparison with the other parts.
  6. Steel Ball Run: This part is really long, and it can be a long slog at times, but the characters and writing are pretty great. Some of the best writing comes in the Sugar Mountain arc, Johnny’s backstory, and Hot Pants and Gyro’s deaths. The story-telling and art are pretty great once it gets into it, but you can tell that Araki still had no clue where he was going with it in the first third.
  7. Battle Tendency: Hmmm… this one is okay. I didn’t really like Joseph all that much, but the dub is hilarious and it’s still a fun part. Lisa Lisa, Smokey, Oldwagon, and Erina are real great. I’ll admit I totally cried over Caesar’s death, too. Overall, though, it’s pretty highly overrated.
  8. Stardust Crusaders: …This one was also really easy to sort. This is the only part that I don't actively like. I find the character designs and color palettes unappealing, and the plot was the ‘Stand User of the Week’ shonen thing, which is literally my least favorite plot ever- I would have just skipped to the Egypt arc if I had known about this. Also, I couldn’t get into any of the characters. Like, I couldn’t even get the sense that most of them were even close friends. It was really annoying how Polnareff took over a lot of the plot, too. Fortunately, Jotaro is a lot more interesting and likable in Diamond is Unbreakable. I get the sense this is one of the most popular parts because it's been the only one the western fandom has had for a long time.

I decided to collect the (rough) first appearances in the manga of the Joestar Birthmark on each member of the Joestar bloodline (excluding Gio’s brothers, the Green Baby, Pucci, Weather Report, and Irene). It’s sort of interesting, as it’s never seen on PB Jonathan, BT Joseph, Josuke, and Johnny in the manga. With Jonathan and Joseph it’s because Araki hadn’t had the idea yet, but in Johnny and Josuke’s cases it’s just never visible.
Also, the location and size changes on a whim, and it’s usually only visible once (even if it really should show) as is the case with JJL Kira, Kei, Josefumi, Giorno, Jotaro, Holly, and Joseph. It’s visible often with Jolyne and Jo2uke due to plot relevance, and shows up twice on Jonathan’s body, once for the reveal in SDC and once in a picture in VA to link Giorno to Dio.
Bonus points if you can identify who is who!

Stand Name:「ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA」(ELO or Neon Jukebox in the subs)
Stand Master:「J.D. NIGHT」(Named after Jeff Lynne, Diana Ross, and Gladys Knight)1
Stand Ability: Light Solidification Power - D Speed - A Range - B (up to ½ mile) Durability - A Precision - D Potential - B
Electric Light Orchestra can create solidified light structures, both hard and somewhat soft. These light structures are impenetrable as long as the user is alive. ELO’s structures can be made as thin as 5 mm ‘sheets’ that can be bent, but otherwise the structures can’t be made very precisely. These structures also give out a varying amount of light that the user can control, however this light cannot be entirely turned off.
The Stand has only low level offensive abilities. It usually aids its user in a fight by forming shields and blunt weaponry. The light can also be used to temporarily blind an opponent. However, it does not have a great deal of strength and the structures will soften to a degree when exposed to a strong light.
The Stand manifests as a tall (2.15 m) humanoid with long limbs, three fingers, and no visible face. The figure wears a round ‘glass’ helmet, a blue skirt with a large bow on the back, red boots, and has patches representing the 8 planets on its torso.

So a friend and I did an art collab, with the idea of combining all the JoJos. I did most of the design, though Ryan did have some input. The original drawing can be seen here, this is a digital recoloring I did myself. So here’s Jogio!2

Influences, from the top:

It's time for... the JOESTAR SECRET TECHNIQUE!

You know what was really missing from Battle Tendency
A part where the Pillar Men discover automobiles and they’re all like “Wow what fascinating constructions. Who knew humans would do something like this. What are they called” and then they find out they’re called cars and Kars is like “wait what the fuck”

jesus in steel ball run

part 1 dio: educated lawyer, the embodiment of class, "those without manners do not deserve to live", does not let any dirty lowlife kill jojo because he's only good enough to be killed by kono dio
part 3 dio: the biggest hoe on earth. seduces 16 year old priests and drug addicts. sends nudes to a 67 year old man

Speedwagon coincidentally achieved everything Dio wanted without being a piece of trash

“I think that even if you’re creating a manga that includes love and romance, you could have it be between two male characters, as long as that fits with your manga’s world. As long as your characters are appealing, you could get away with a world of all men. You have nothing to fear."
--Manga in Theory and Practice by Hirohiko Araki

Jonathan Joestar: i feel sorry for you Dio. you were like a brother to me, i really wish things didn’t go this way.
Every single other Joestar after Jonathan:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in Summary:

Phantom Blood: J O J O ‘ S bizarre Adventure
Battle Tendency: JoJo’s BIZARRE Adventure
Stardust Crusaders: A D V E N T U R E
Diamond is Unbreakable: JoJo’s BIZARRE adventure
Vento Aureo: JoJo’s GioGio’s Bizarre Adventure
Stone Ocean: JoJo’s BIZARRE Adventure
Steel Ball Run: JoJo’s (And Gyro’s) BIZARRE ADVENTURE
JoJolion: B I Z A R R E

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure in the '03 FMA anime style

"Mozart began writing his Requiem when he got a commission from a mysterious visitor. Here, we have a pitch-black messenger, creating an image of death. The visitor’s gender remains a mystery, so I gave the Stand an androgynous fashion."         --Hirohiko Araki, JOJOVELLER
Visitor commissioning the Requiem, Amadeus (1984) // Silver Chariot Requiem, Vento Aureo

So, queer headcanons for the JoJos... Of the Jos, I think the only 100% straight JoJos are Jonathan and Jo2uke. Joseph and Johnny are bi. Jotaro is aroace. Jolyne is pan. Giorno is aroflux polysexual and has a QPR with the Passione gang and Trish. I don't know about Josuke. Jotaro is trans, Buccellati and Abbachio are nonbinary, Hot Pants is genderfluid and Foo is agender. Also, I sort of headcanon Jo2uke as nonbinary, with he/him or they/them pronouns.

(dio, on his way to destroy some joestars)
dio: this is it! your wretched bloodline ends here
giorno: ...
dio: mostly
(dio, waxing poetic with a glass of wine in the pale moonlight beneath his bay window)
dio: i'll never truly rest... not until every last joestar is crushed beneath my heel
giorno: ...
dio: except you honey padre loves you
(dio, holding jonathan's skull aloft in an alas, poor yorick pose)
dio: i'll send them back to you, one by one... each filthy member of your family, i'll let you meet them all in hell.
giorno: listen
dio: you know what i mean

So the Pillar Men went dormant 2,000 years ago, and encountered Hamon users at that time. The big three were sealed under Rome. Jesus (AKA Yesua bar Yoseph, AKA JOshua bar JOseph) was the Holy Corpse in Steel Ball Run, and a stand user (of “Love Train” in particular). Judea was a colony of the Roman Empire. He had a mysterious absence in his youth.
Do I need to spell it out for you?

From now on, all 「T E X T P O S T S」 will be written in a ‘JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE FORMAT’…do you understand this ‘FORMAT’?

anytimeineedtoseeyourfaceIjustclosemyeyesandiamtakentoaplacewhereyour crystal minds and magenta feelings takeupshelterinthebaseofmyspinesweetlikea

idon'tneedtotrytoexplainijustholdontightandifithappensagainimaymove so slightly tothearmsandthelipsandthefaceofthehumancannonball

i need to

i want to

come stand a little bit closer
breathe in and get a bit higher
youll never know what hit you when





Life Lessons Taught in Steel Ball Run:

Dio: Please, allow me to make amends!
Jonathan: Dio…

Narancia is a true friend he thought he saw Giorno giving Mista a little early morning pick-me-up bj and didn’t say anything about it he straight up carried that secret to the grave

i love how hirohiko araki always draws stands hugging their users

god above and the devil below
polnareff and staircases

JoJo Dads Ratings

|God Tier: Norisuke Higashikata
+Looks like he has planned several family vacations
+encourages his lazy son to get a job
+Granddad status
|High Tier: Joseph Joestar
+Fathered Holly so he gets points
+stand and hamon user
+goes to visit his bastard son
+certified dilf and foxy grandpa
-has a bastard son
|Good Tier: Joubin Higashikata
+Aida Mitsuo
+Loves his son
+fun dad
-kinda irresponsible
-ugly as fuck
Mr. Buccellati
+loves his son
+simple fisherman
+pushes his son to do his best
-gets shot
|Okay Tier: George Joestar
+loves his son
+supports his kids’ rugby matches
-adopted Dio
-kept the stone mask
-loved Dio more
Jotaro Kujo
+bails his daughter out of prison
-absent for over a decade
-unconscious for most of Part 6
-doesn’t hug Jolyne
|Meh Tier: George Joestar II
+Cool military
+Married Lisa Lisa for a badass power couple
|Bad Tier: DIO
-literally absent for all of his sons lives
-his boyfriend had to raise the kids
SBR Universe George Joestar
+came to see his son win the Steel Ball Run
-blamed Johnny for his brother’s death
-made Johnny suicidal
-ignored Johnny when he needed support most
|Shit Tier: Mr. Roadagain
-left his family and died
Mr. Giovanna
-beats his kid
-went out partying with his wife instead of hanging with little gio
-causes giorno to repress his feelings and have terrible self esteem
Dario Brando
-original shitty dad
-abusive af
-drove wife to an early grave

how the jojo fights usually go by parts
Phantom Blood: well thought out, evenly matched hand to hand combat that tested the fighters physically and mentally where every move mattered
Battle Tendency: Looking into the jaws of defeat, grabbing its tongue, and forcing it to bite it off by slamming the jaw shut
Stardust Crusaders: Yeah, I was winning the whole time, you just weren’t paying attention.
Vento Aureo: Total fucking bullshit
Stone Ocean: At some point during the fight, FF, Jolyne, or Annasui will say screw it and kill their opponent in a single move.
Steel Ball Run: A whole bunch of Johnny saying I can’t do it, an obscure metaphor from Gyro, and then jesus’ testicles
JoJolion: ???????????????

dark determination

Funny Valentine had the weirdest presidency. He spent millions of dollars funding the Steel Ball Run to hunt for a corpse in the desert, and under his watch, the Steel Ball Run became the weirdest two months in recorded history. The organizer was shot but the assassin was never found after the half-dozen-odd police giving chase collectively lost the ability to see their left side, the organizer’s 14-year-old wife replaced the 30-year-old first lady and nobody noticed for a week or found the real first lady’s body, Valentine himself took a vacation from office to shoot people in Boston, which is separate from that shootout in the casino featuring two SBR racers and 11 corpses for one recorded patron. Corpses of racers appeared multiple times in different places, including that of world-renowned horse-jockey Diego Brando (who was suspected of colluding with President Valentine or members of Valentine’s staff for some damn reason), bloodstains of SBR racers and Valentine himself appeared out of thin air in alleys and on a train, dead bodies with human fingernails lodged in them were found multiple times, one of the villages passed through in the race reported what are now thought to be dinosaurs attacking racers, a deputy was found shot dozens of times but the holes seem to have just spontaneously generated, the top racers included a dude simply running, a guy who used metal balls as a projectile weapon, a paraplegic, and a nun, the whole race was won by some random jackass who had barely ever ridden a horse before, and President Valentine flat-out disappeared on the way back from his Boston jockey-shooting excursion and was never found, along with the corpse he’d funded the whole SBR to find which he had indeed reportedly found.


Mr. Zeppeli giving Jona head pats


I’m just thinking about how excited Jonathan must have been when his father announced that he’d be adopting Dio. It’s mentioned that George Joestar often went away on foreign trade, so a lot of the time it’d just be him, the servants and Danny alone in that giant manor of his. He’s never seen on familiar terms with any of the boys around town, and it’s likely he had very few friends beyond his dog, even before Dio came along. Although the Joestar Fortune gave him a life where he never had to struggle financially, he was ostracised by his surrounding peers for being born as such, one of the kids picking on Erina when he was first introduced said he hated rich people, despite not having much of a reason to, and him being rich was license enough to beat him down.
Additionally, seeing how easy it was for Dio to turn everyone against him with a groundless rumour that so quickly festered, it’s unlikely anyone knew him enough to even refute that. He was probably a very lonely kid. So now the prospect of having a brother would be brilliant, to have a friend who he could confide and play with would have been like a dream come true. I bet had a whole host of things planned for the two of them to do together.
...but then Dio actually arrived and all that is thrown into disarray.

Hirohiko Araki: I consider horror movies my teachers and textbooks. Just like how vampires appeared in Part 1, JOJO is always deeply connected to horror movies, and this influence is especially apparent in the villains. (…) Incidentally, I think that Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, and the Mummy are the three most important designs from the horror world. Just look at the Mummy’s wrappings. Why is he all wrapped up so meticulously? It’s so charming, and I sense a type of romance when I see it.

Yo okay real talk though. Speedwagon is the greatest force of good in the Jojo universe.
Robert Edward Orville Speedwagon was nothing more than an average criminal and thug who never had anything worth a damn in his life until he met Jonathan Joestar. Jonathan was the FIRST person in the world to ever show him an ounce of kindness and I’m not lying when I say that Jonathan not kicking him with his full strength completely changed his life. When Speedwagon found oil in America, he used it to found the Speedwagon Foundation, which is, literally, THE only reason the Joestar line is capable of fighting evil. The Speedwagon Foundation hires and funds doctors, scientists, archaeologists, anything and everything to make the world a better place. After meeting the Joestar family, Speedwagon dedicated everything he could to saving the world. With the exception of the Pillar Men, every source of evil in parts 1-6 can be attributed to Dio in some way. However, every source of good comes from Speedwagon or the Speedwagon Foundation. Speedwagon is the reason Jonathan was able to reveal Dio’s plan. The SPW developed the infrared lights to keep the Pillar Men at bay. The SPW sent doctors to Holly’s house when she was under attack from her Stand, as well as providing the Stardust Crusaders with vehicles and Iggy. Jotaro became part of the SPW and used their resources to aid Josuke, and even get Giorno started on his journey. The SPW researched the Stand Discs and provided assistance to Jolyne while she was imprisoned.
And all of this is because Speedwagon willed it to be so. Because his will dictated that ALL efforts of the SPW should go toward aiding the Joestar line and improving the world.
Also despite being a charming and handsome individual he never once made a move on Erina because he knew that her and Jonathan’s love was eternal and he was a motherfucking gentleman.

Literally my favorite fact about JoJo is that a lot of the JoJos have real lives outside of the general bizarre JoJo stuff….. like the fact that a lot of the JoJos have jobs!!! That they actively pursue amidst all the weirdness of their lives and are not relegated to Tragic Backstory or Exposition. It may seem like a really mundane detail about them but I think it provides a lot of insight into their personalities and what they’re interested in. It’s a really cool narrative tool to make these characters seem three dimensional and actually feel real. Like the fact that after defeating four immortal super vampires Joseph Joestar went on to become a realtor! Dio was studying to practice law while also actively plotting to steal the Joestar fortune! Jonathan was studying to be an archaeologist!
Like with Dio and Jonathan, those interests tie in and relate to their stories but tbh it doesn’t really fall into the realm of Backstory because it doesn’t actively drive their motivations; like abbachio’s stint as a police officer is Backstory because something tragic happened to him while he was police-ing and got him to where he is now. While Jonathan’s fascination with the stone mask stems from his dead mom and inspires Dio to use it, it’s not like he HAD to study archaeology in order to move the plot forward, so it’s just a cool passion of Jonathan’s that gives depth to his character, that he’s curious and intellectual on top of being a “gentleman.”
And then there’s fucking Jotaro who starts out as this shitty teenager who barely goes to school and fights vampires with his magic spirit who punches things and can stop time and ends up going through THE FULL COURSE OF HIGHER EDUCATION in order to get his ph.d IN FUCKING MARINE BIOLOGY OF ALL THINGS. like to some people that may seem kind of out of left field but to me is an EXTREMELY adept method to portray offscreen character growth in a realistic fashion, along with making Jotaro an actual three dimensional character by giving him a passion not influenced directly by his weird life changing experiences, but definitely affects his life and how he spends his time but can’t be quite slotted in the “stoic silent badass” compartment that everyone seems to pigeonhole Jotaro in.
I love mundane character info like that: Joseph loves reading comic books. Josuke’s favorite artist is Prince. Giorno loves Les Mis. DIO BRANDO BUILDS MODEL SHIPS.


This is my favorite Araki reference; to Tony Viramontes’s illustration for Nina Ricci. Shadow Dio’s core visual is based on a drawing of a woman in an evening gown. The illustration is in part fetish image – the exposed back and hourglass shape - but in Araki’s interpretation, the object of your attention looks back at you. And does it in a way where you can’t see his face. You can’t quite see him but he sees you which is fabulous because it inverts the power structure fetishism normally takes. And in SDC, Shadow Dio’s power to see without being seen (he’s hidden throughout most of the story) is a form of control.

Jotaro acts like he does at the beginning because he grew up half-white with an American mother in Japan in the 70′s and 80′s, and Japan being hella xenophobic probably means he was bullied a lot as a kid. His dad never being around didn’t help either like look at the photos Holly has of the two of them, Sadao Kujo just doesn’t EXIST.
It probably gets worse in high school when he gets his growth spurt b/c then he’s “Kujo the mutant, who still can’t leave the house without a goodbye kiss from mommy.” No wonder he gets into a lot of fights and adopts the “delinquent” attitude, he probably just wants people to leave him alone and if they’re scared of him they’ll probably just let him be. Then he starts filling out his Joestar bara destiny along with his “2 cool 4 u” attitude and suddenly the same girls who were calling him a half-breed and mongrel a year ago are suddenly fawning all over him? Give him a break.
He pushes back against Holly’s affection because he’s 17 and has to keep up appearances, you know? How’s it going to affect this carefully constructed facade of being an unapproachable asshole if word gets out, haha Kujo pretends to be tough but he’s all talk. Holly doesn’t care how he treats her because she KNOWS he’s all bark and no bite. He puts himself in jail b/c he’s hurting people when he doesn’t mean to. He saves some random stranger working for the enemy at the risk of his own life because he had the ability to. He checks up on Holly when she collapses because he can’t leave the house without a goodbye kiss from mommy.

An incomplete list of Deep Jojo Things™ I think about sometimes:

One of my favorite underrated scenes.
Reluctant at first, Speedwagon looks at Smokey and sees himself in him from the days of his robust youth. He spies the indignation and spirit behind the boy’s eyes and understands his feelings.
Adamant and earnest. Unyielding.
He’s always been a good judge of character and he can sense his intentions are not only noble, but sincere. He really wants to support everyone, especially JoJo to repay the favor. Speedwagon himself was once spared and allowed redemption from an incorrigible act.
There are many parallels to their stories; Speedwagon once having lived in the gutters of Ogre street as a mugger and violent thug, and Smokey, a petty pickpocket that scavenged the streets of New York.
Both had their lives changed upon meeting the Joestar’s. Both turned it around and went on to accomplish great things with Smokey becoming mayor, and Speedwagon a rich tycoon.
He recognizes and acknowledges Smokey’s loyalty to JoJo and the Joestar family and respects that enough to entrust him with such valuable knowledge because he feels that Smokey’s proved himself to be as good a friend as Speedwagon himself is.
He appreciates what he’s done and figures since he’s already involved, to shed some light on the confounding situation is the least he could do for the young man.

Araki has explicitly stated in interviews that Jotaro is not interested in women. Whether this means he’s asexual or gay is unclear, but given how much Araki works in queer subtext (his editors are too strict to allow explicitly queer characters and partnerships), it isn’t at all unlikely that Jotaro is either gay or ace. Also, we know from Jolyne that Jotaro doesn’t give two shits about the woman he married. Again, given the time Jotaro got married, same-sex marriage wasn’t legal in Japan. In all likelihood, Jotaro got married for sake of maintaining appearances and not much else. I personally headcanon him as aroace.

I really appreciate Araki so much for how he writes his female characters. Is the writing perfect? No. Could it be better? Always. But honestly, he knew and admitted that he fucked up writing female characters (in the past) and wanted to fix his writing. He fixed it by subverting the typical tropes and archetypes of female characters that are typically seen in manga. I’ve never seen a female character be front and center in a shonen manga before, till Jojo. He made Jolyne Cujoh, a main female character of a shonen manga, front and center. When I say main female character I don’t mean sakura level of main character where she’s a “main” character but takes a backseat to the titular character, Naruto. No, the main character of Jojo part 6 stone ocean, a shonen manga, is a woman. She’s Naruto level of main character front and center.
It’s not just Jolyne though, with Yukako he wanted a female character that was the opposite of moe culture. Yukako wasn’t passive and overly cute nor was she always sweet. She was aggressive and Araki basically said (and I'm paraphrasing here) that he wanted to show how female characters can get angry and that they’re not always cute and innocent.
Trish Una, arguably Reimi, and the female cast from part 6 are other examples of Araki creating strong female characters. Are they perfectly written female characters? No, but Araki is one of the only male shonen mangakas that I know of that cares about his females characters. When people say Jojo is just a manly anime/manga for men I get pissed. Jojo is so much more than that in terms of style, themes, and complex action scenes. In the beginning, was there an emphasis on manliness? Yes, but Araki’s art and writing style have grown so much since then and Jojo continues to be something more than hyper-masculinity.


Both Araki and El Greco use figures that aren’t completely anatomically correct and are actually elongated and in dramatic, exaggerated poses to make them aesthetically pleasant rather than accurate and realistic, have interesting and experimental color palettes (they both seem to give color priority over form for the sake of harmony in their art) and dynamic, extreme perspective and interweaving of the figure and the background which almost makes them undistinguishable due to the density of the designs

You know Jonathan’s kind of an unpopular character, and has a reputation for being the “most boring” Jojo, but imo I suspect it’s possible that the way most people view him is slightly skewed, and he probably suffers a lot from having the misfortune of being the foil to Dio.
We all know Dio is EXTREMELY extra, the biggest douche you could ever meet, dramatic, promiscuous, violent, theatrical, etc. Meanwhile Jonathan, his rival, has a reputation in the fandom for being impossibly sweet (…which isn’t untrue but), polite, mellow, uptight, sort of prude, “would get scandalized by hearing someone say ‘damn’” kind of guy, but like…
I just want to remind everyone of some things Jonathan’s done in canon, just off the top of my head, and not counting stuff from when he was a kid:

In conclusion, everybody in the Victorian era was dramatic as FUCK and Jonathan is no exception.

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