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Report filed by: ANBU Fox on behalf of victimDate filed: XX/XX/XX
Persons involved: ☒ Shinobi ☒ Civilians ☐ Nin-Animals/SummonsDate(s) of Incident: XX/XX/XX
Time of incident: unknownCrimes involved: child abuse/neglect, sexual assaultAdditional materials/evidence attached?: ☒ Yes ☐ No
Description of Incident: Due to the sensitive nature of the incident and possible political ramifications, the names of those involved, identifying details, and all relations to each other have been removed. The victim involved will be hereafter referred to as 'Victim' or 'Taro Doe'. Victim Doe was five years old and a civilian at the time of the incident, which occurred seven years ago. Accused will be referred to as [Male 1], [Female 1], [Female 2], and [Unknown Assailants]. Accused were over the civilian age of majority of twenty years old as well as official shinobi of Konahagakure and were therefore legal adults twice over. All accused perpetrators were shinobi and remain so at this time; thus, this incident would best be tried through Konoha's military court rather than a civilian criminal trial.
The victim agreed to allow this report to be corroborated via use of Yamanaka clan memory jutsu by genin I. Yamanaka under the condition that genin S. Nara be allowed to assist. Their affadavits as to the veracity of Taro Doe's claims are attached with further details of the incident and perpetrators. All details outlined in this report have been confirmed by the memory jutsu and some physical evidence that has remained despite the long span between the incident and the time of this report.
At the time of the incident, victim was living in the same residence as [Male 1], [Female 1], and one other civilian minor. The two adults, who were acting as caretaker for both minors, left Taro Doe alone for the better part of a day with no supervision. During this time, Taro decided to attempt to use [Female 1]'s makeup to make himself frightening as a form of attempted retaliation for the neglect. When the two adults and the other minor returned to the residence, Taro played dead on a rug. The other minor found Taro and was frightened; [Male 1] responded by rolling the five-year-old up in the rug and throwing the rug in a junk pile in a different neighborhood, even as the victim attempted to gain his attention. The victim eventually forced his way out of the rolled-up rug and began to wander the streets in the hope of finding his residence. By this time it was past dark and victim Doe could not find his way.
The victim then bumped into a group of six drunken off-duty Uchiha patrolmen (see attached descriptions and tentative identifications in report by S. Nara). Said patrolmen, hereafter referred to as [Unknown Assailants], forcibly kidnapped Taro Doe from the street and took him to motel 'Barbie' in the Akasen district. The motel clerk saw [Unknown Assailants] dragging Taro into the motel, but did not report and cannot be found at the time of this report. The [Unknown Assailants] then proceeded to remove the victim's clothes and gang-rape victim Doe orally and anally into unconsciousness. The victim awoke the following day in great pain, suffering from rectal bleeding, damage to the throat and hard and soft palates, multiple bite marks over surface of body including genitals, and multiple contusions and 'hickeys'. Taro claimed a discarded shirt from the floor and left the motel.
The victim was able to return to his residence, where he was accosted by [Female 1]. [Female 1] demanded to know where victim Doe had been all night, though she only asked this as housekeeping staff had noted his absence that morning rather than her own observation of Taro's absence. Victim attempted to explain that [Male 1] had thrown him out in the rug, but [Female 1] did not believe him. [Female 1] struck victim across the face, which drew the attention of [Female 2] who was visiting the residence at the time. [Female 2] did not attempt to intervene, but instead asked where the shirt Taro was wearing had come from as it had the Uchiha crest on the back and [Female 2] is connected to the clan. Taro did not answer and [Female 1] struck him again, accusing him of theft. When Taro did not explain where the shirt had come from, believing that neither adult would believe him, [Female 1] threw the victim into the wall. The dent caused by the victim's head is still present in the wall of the residence (see attached picture #4). [Female 2] then removed victim Doe's Uchiha shirt to prevent it getting bloodstains on it. Taro then attempted to leave, but was prevented from doing so by [Female 1].
When the shirt was removed, the injuries and marks from the victim's prior gang-rape were revealed. [Female 2] suggested that the reason Taro Doe had been out all night was due to him doing "naughty things", despite the fact that both [Female 1] and [Female 2] knew that Taro was five years old and could not consent to any sexual activity even if he was old enough to participate in such activity. [Female 2] suggested that the victim be punished with more "naughty" activities with [Female 1] enthusiastically agreeing. Both accused proceeded to sexually abuse victim Doe, laying hands on his genitals, inserting fingers into his anus and reaggravating the previous injuries, and forcing him to perform cunnilingus on them.
Taro Doe left the residence that evening and has lived on his own for the previous seven years. Neither of his caretakers [Male 1] and [Female 1] have ever reported victim Doe missing. [Male 1] was not even aware that victim Doe had left when questioned shortly before this report was filed. Additional testimony of the utter neglect and abuse of all accused can be found in the additional attached reports.
Witness signatures: I, ___________, affirm that the contents of this report are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge: ANBU Captain Fox | ANBU Trainee Kit | Nara Shikamaru | Yamanaka Ino
Secondary witness signatures: Akimichi Chouji | Inuzuka Kiba | Kitsune Naruto | Hyuuga Hinata | Aburame Shino
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