Abortion is a Human Right

        A) These sources all offer advice, but should not be taken as absolute gospel. If possible, legal clinical abortion and/or professional advice should be sought.
        B) These sources are, for the most part, very much gendered towards cis women. I myself am an AFAB nonbinary person, and will do my best to make this page as gender-neutral as possible, but please be aware of this.

DO NOT attempt to conduct any sort of insertion or self-injury, such as coat hanger insertion, belly flops, scalding baths, forceful massage, etc. These are extremely dangerous and do not guarantee miscarriage will occur. Also, be aware that self-administered abortion may be illegal even in jurisdictions where clinical abortion is legal. Avoid telling others about your situation when possible so that they or you cannot be implicated.

Medical Abortion
Misoprostol (sometimes used in conjunction with mifepristone) is the safest option outside of a clinical abortion. It has an efficacy rate of around 85% and is safer than herbal abortifacients. It also cannot be detected when taken orally. Do not combine with herbal abortion methods.
    Step-by-step guide to self-administering an abortion: Very detailed, including potential side effects.
    Four Thieves Vinegar Collective's guide to DIY abortion: Guide to making your own misoprostol pills using basic ingredients, misoprostol legally obtained via veterinary sources (it's used in horses to treat ulcers. It's the same stuff you can get for an at-home abortion; the FTV's process makes it the safe intensity and dosage for humans), and a pollen press.
    International Women's Health Coalition's guide to self-administering misoprostol in order to induce abortion: Misoprostol can be bought over-the-counter at most pharmacies or ordered online. Note: Post-Roe, this is more difficult to obtain. It is advisable to, if possible, have a male ally purchase the misoprostol. It's also used for ulcers, so you can claim it's for an elderly relative who forgot their own supply.
        • Reproaction's guide to using misoprostol and mifepristrone to induce an abortion: Has an efficacy rate of approximately 96%, but can be more expensive and difficult to obtain both.
    A Book for Midwives: Information on Manual Vacuum Aspiration and aid after an abortion
    The World Health Organization clinical handbook for safe abortion: Mostly aimed at healthcare professionals, but gives detailed information on self-administered abortion, possible side effects, and contraindications.
    A Woman's Book of Choices: Written shortly after mifepristone (referred to as RU-486 in the book) was first synthesized, gives information on DIY Manual Vacuum Aspiration and clinical abortions.
    Building and Using a Del Em: The Del Em was invented in the early 70s before Roe v. Wade by feminists working to create a safe way to self-administer abortions. It's remarkably safe when used correctly (though it needs at least two people to operate), and is made of materials easily available in stores and/or online. Similar mechanized methods are commonly used in many parts of Southeast and East Asia, where even when abortion is illegal 'menstrual extraction' or 'menstrual regulation' is acceptable if done before one is 'officially' pregnant. Not usable after about 8 weeks max. In a gray zone of legality.
        • Menstrual Extraction: A more in-depth history of menstrual extraction and the Del Em, with illustrations.

Herbal Abortion
There are many historical methods of inducing miscarriage. However, please realize that these are not foolproof, nor certain. Most herbal abortifacients (and contraceptives) have an effectiveness rate of around 40%, and can be dangerously toxic to those with liver problems or similar. Combine for best results.
    • Vitamin C, taken in 1000mg doses every 2 hours day and night. [May contribute to kidney stones, be aware if you are prone to developing them]
    • Dong Quai (also called Angelica Sinensis), taken in doses up to 1000mg every 4 hours. Best combined with Vitamin C. [Be careful using this herb if you have heart disease, because it affects muscle function and may make certain arrhythmias worse if used in large quantities. Headache and lowered blood pressure are two common side effects, so be extremely careful if you already have low blood pressure.]
    • Blue or Black Cohosh, taken in 500mg doses twice a day, at separate times from any Dong Quai. Do not use for more than a couple days. [Can cause severe cramps and liver damage in high doses]
    • Cotton Root Bark, as a tea. Should be taken by itself. [Be incredibly careful ensuring the source, as it may have been exposed to highly toxic pesticides]
    • Parsley, as a tea or pessary. Must be combined with other methods. [Can be toxic in especially large doses]
More Information:
        Sister Zeus: The eminent authority on herbal contraception and abortion online. Contains testimonials and reactions from women across the web for various herbal abortifacients
        Herbal Abortion: The Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge
        Fertility Awareness for Non-Invasive Birth Control: also contains information on contraception and preparation of herbs
        Hot Pants: a DIY guide to gynecology, also contains information on STDs

SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL HELP IN CASES OF THE FOLLOWING: heavy bleeding that lasts for more than two hours and soaks more than two maxi pads per hour, severe pain that does not go away after hours after taking medications/abortifacients, a fever of over 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38.9 Celsius), and/or vaginal discharge that smells bad. These are all symptoms of possible problems, and failing to seek medical attention has a high possibility of death. Do not say anything about self-administering an abortion.

Other Resources
        National Network of Abortion Funds: network of American abortion funds. Donate to your local fund if you can!
        International Planned Parenthood Federation: international organization that provides abortion and other reproductive health measures around the globe.
        Where Women Have No Doctor: information on safe abortions
        Women on Web: online organization that helps women get access to abortion medication.
        Women on Waves: organization that aids in providing abortions to countries where it is illegal or difficult to obtain. Also contains information on legality and availability of abortion worldwide.
        Plan C: online guide and advice for obtaining pills for self-administering abortion
        A Defense of Abortion
        Abortion Clinic Directory: directory of abortion and contraception resources in the United States.
        If/When/How: American legal organization that tracks anti-abortion laws and can offer legal advice in the event that you should need it.

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