Blinkies and Pixels

> A bunch of blinkies, buttons, sprites, and other various pixel stuff I like.1 Things I've made have a dashed border.


A Pikachu, tangled in flashing red, green, and blue Christmas lights. A GSC-style sprite of the substitute doll A small Pikachu sprite based off a bootleg game for the NES.
A Crystal-style animated sprite of Happiny A Crystal-style animated sprite of Luvdisc A GSC-style sprite of Trevenant A GSC-style sprite of Trapinch A Crystal-style animated sprite of Bidoof A GSC-style sprite of Mow Form Rotom A Crystal-style animated sprite of Sandygast A GSC-style sprite of Chandelure A GSC-style sprite of Dusk Form Lycanroc A Crystal-style animated sprite of Cosmog A GSC-style sprite of Lotad A GSC-style sprite of Rowlet A Crystal-style animated sprite of Cosmoem A GSC-style sprite of Mimikyu A GSC-style sprite of Gourgeist A Crystal-style animated sprite of Palossand A Crystal-style animated sprite of Bibarel A Crystal-style animated sprite of Snom A GSC-style sprite of Shuppet A GSC-style sprite of Alolan Marowak A GSC-style sprite of Spiritomb A Crystal-style animated sprite of Pumpkaboo A GSC-style sprite of Sableye A Crystal-style animated sprite of Duraludon A GSC-style sprite of Azurill A GSC-style sprite of Smoliv A GSC-style sprite of Clodsire A Crystal-style animated sprite of Frosmoth A GSC-style sprite of Groudon A GSC-style sprite of Kyogre A GSC-style sprite of Rayquaza A GSC-style sprite of Regice A GSC-style sprite of Regigigas A GSC-style sprite of Regirock A GSC-style sprite of Registeel    A GSC-style sprite of Blanche A GSC-style sprite of Candela A GSC-style sprite of Spark A GSC-style sprite of Professor Willow 
  A GSC-style sprite of Samurott     
; A tiny animation of the skateboard from the original plans for Gold/Silver A tiny pokeball rolling along




Two cat-like creatures face each other, the one on the right in heels and a bra. It removes the bra to reveal a second face. The other cat is shocked. The heeled cat's second mouth opens wide and eats the other cat.
A tiny Kirby lounges with the logo for the Opera browser. A tiny Kirby lounges with the logo for the Mozilla Firefox browser. A tiny Kirby lounges with the logo for the Google Chrome browser. A small image of the nine stripe queer flag. A red rose with a heavy, diagonal black shadow, representing Anarcho-Communism
The 'Antifascist Action' symbol, with the red and black flags animated. A pair of black and red roses, representing Anarcho-Communism
Two tiny cartoon bears unfurl a red banner that reads ACAB (meaning 'All Cops are Bastards') me
Minato holds a baby Naruto, before the baby is snatched away by Tsunade and the legendary Sannin. Kakashi then holds Minato back.
Milkwalker says: BE SAFE   A stamp from Revolutionary Catalonia with the caption 'Ayudar a los refugiados es un deber' (Helping refugees is a duty)        A tiny Grover (from Sesame Street) captioned with 'If I don't turn it into a joke it will destroy me' 
Sneezly Seal Mofurun from Mahou Tsukai Precure Nono Hana from Hugtto Precure Hariham Harry from Hugtto Precure Danny Fenton in his human form Danny Fenton in his Phantom form The logo for the Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, rendered in pixels The eggs representing each girl in Wonder Egg Priority Haro from Mobile Suit Gundam Puu from Yu Yu Hakusho




Stamps and Buttons

A stamp of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street over a rainbow Pride flag.  Gamers do not have rights... AND THEY NEVER WILL                A journal stamp, based off a Marvel 'stamp'. At the top, text reads 'Brotherhood Week'. Below, the Thing holds a small bundle of flowers. The caption at the bottom reads 'Stomp a Bigot Today'       
                              A microbar animation of Grissom. Xe stands in front of a starry background. Xe is wearing a black t-shirt and green shorts. In xyr hand spins a blue ball of energy that flares up before shrinking back down.  Doctor Mario: You were diagnosed with gay                Queer Revolution 
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Borders and Dividers

            A Halloween-themed string of skull, ghost, and jack o'lantern lights.      A picket fence, with hoppips and skiplooms in front.                    A tiny Luffy throws a punch that stretches across the screen.   

Journal Templates


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Sprites of Me


My Pokemon Teams

A team made of some of my favorite pokemon. From left to right, there's Slowpoke, Wobbuffet, Sheepie the Mareep, Hoppip, a sprite of myself (based somewhat on Hugh's sprite from X and Y), Chompy the Mow Form Rotom, and Concrete the Wooper.
A team with all my favorites

Concrete the Wooper  Ariados  Hoppip  Red Gyarados  Pear the Meganium  Togetic  Ellen the Trainer and Andrew the Rival
My team from Crystal

Miscellaneous Animations


A UFO passes over a lone traveler in the desert.  A person in a small boat floats closer to where Nessie is hanging out in the water.  The character is prompted to choose whether or not to climb a free-standing staircase in the woods.  A small group of lights float in the dark woods.  A traveler is startled to see the Mothman while trying to cross the bridge.  A passer-by reads a sign that warns 'It's dangerous to enter the corn'. Something is moving towards the person through corn field behind the sign.

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