CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

> CSI was one of my first fandoms, and is still close to my heart, even years after it ended and even longer after I stopped watching. I still have all the side story novels and the first season on Blu-Ray, and I'll even occasionally watch episodes dubbed in French. I stopped watching, mostly, after Grissom left and Warrick died, though I'll admit that I enjoy a few of the Langston episodes. My number one favorite episode is 7x03, Toe Tags.
This page won't be as big as the others, but I still want to keep some parts of me.

2x08 slaves of las vegas script

If I bring up CSI I mean Vegas, actual CSI, not NY or Miami. I swear, Vegas came first and Vegas will always be THE CSI

Warrick: Who brings a gun to a knife fight?
Gil Grissom: The winner?

Dr Gilbert ‘Gil’ Grissom (CSI / CSI: Las Vegas)
Played by: William Paterson
Set in: Las Vegas, USA
Created by: Anthony E. Zuiker
Famous for: Father figure, methodical, an often unconventional approach, entemologist (studier of insects), beard, problems with hearing, possible Asperger’s syndrome, cultured - often quoting from great writers, relationship with Sara Sidle
Did you know? The Grissom character is loosely based on real life criminalist Daniel Holstein, who, like Grissom, kept maggots and pig’s blood in his refrigerator.

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